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Research and develop a brief for a new, corporate learning environment
Development Bank of Singapore
60,000 sq ft
MCM with local design and delivery partners A+I Asia have been working with the regional property and innovation teams at DBS to consider the role of property in a changing world. Today DBS HQ dominates the skyline in Singapore and is a major banking institution throughout Asia. Disruptive technologies are challenging their business model and this large organisation sees that it has to change to be nimble, quick and responsive to survive in a volatile future.

Our specific role was to prepare a brief for their University of Learning – a building to provide the physical workplace for their HR team and the place where a new corporate learning experience is to be delivered. The first phase was a global research project to identify cutting edge learning institutions across all sectors.
The output drove a series of Human Centred Design workshops with the Regional Leadership team and the Corporate Real Estate Team to identify project aspirations and key drivers for the building and confirm project direction as design concepts developed.

In tandem we ran a programme of interviews, observation studies and staff surveys to build a brief for the space.

The briefing process confirmed a continuing need to deliver traditional classroom style training but also recognises the need to provide:
  • A new learning environment for leadership training
  • A completely flexible and interactive space to support major collaboration / innovation events such as hackathons (250 people over 2 / 3 days) and other activities to support the development of new products and services for the Bank
  • An event heart for the building to allow large town hall meetings and to provide a facility for their customers, collaborators and the local community
  • 2 floors of flexible workplace for HR to support their administrative functions and all spaces associated with recruitment and development of training content to support building training activity along with a growing percentage of remotely delivered training modules