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An exciting and imaginative concept for Expedia’s new travel offices
80,000 sq ft
The brief for MCM was to create an exciting new office for Expedia, which reflected all the elements and enjoyment of travel. Expedia is one of the world’s leading travel companies with offices worldwide. They are an enterprising, dynamic and innovative company, their spaces needed to merge these aspects with their values as a travel company.
The design is full of personality, energy and fun, and is inspired by the Expedia experience of travel, capturing places, moments and events around the world. Our concept began looking at the journey through the 3 floors. We wanted to create an experience that leads you through destinations, considering the physical spaces for inspiration and how they make you feel. 

To fully engage with employees we aimed to immerse them by creating a destination, using elements from places, culture, events, people, art, music and lacing this into a playful design. The reception is designed as a 'check-in area', the large meeting space will become the airport lounge, and the graphics throughout continue this approach. The concept has developed into creating a circulation route which resembled an airport runway, a dynamic fun route through the building. The final environment will provide an atmosphere of excitement and imagination, capturing the essence of travel around the world.