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Pinsent Masons
A cohesive and agile workplace that reflects Pinsent Masons values, client services and position in the London legal market
Pinsent Masons
30 Crown Place, London
160,000 sq ft
Law firm, Pinsent Masons, has relocated and consolidated its London operations to 30 Crown Place, creating a new headquarters for which MCM Architecture delivered interior architectural services.

The space has been designed as a quality fit-out without looking ostentatious. MCM was keen to ensure that all products specified were low maintenance, durable with a long life where required. Much of the furniture was reused from the previous premises with minimum rip out of ceilings and lighting, particularly on the working floors, of the new building.
For the meeting and conference space, MCM created a memorable client experience that is efficient, flexible and effective. The dramatic 3-storey staircase linking the floors required extensive structural works. However, it has ensured that the meeting room suite is fluid and encourages both vertical and horizontal views within the space.

Following a review of moving to a non-cellular working model and addressing key drivers such as communication, interaction, team working, privacy, concentration and confidentiality, the decision was taken to move to open plan. Generic workplace components have been used, which staff can personalise and jewelled colours in similar tones are dotted around, injecting life into the open plan area. The new environment has succeeded in making the workforce more efficient, effective and responsive, and it truly supports everyone’s individual needs.
Pinsent Masons’ aspirations to make this the best non-cellular working environment in London are reflected in what is a truly bespoke creative, yet practical fit-out.

In order to support our client’s sustainability initiatives, MCM introduced its sustainability charter on this project, which assists in understanding and quantifying the range of sustainable initiatives available and identifying those which the client wishes to embed in the process.
We would be delighted to recommend MCM to other businesses who might be thinking of embarking on a similar project.
Martin Roberts, Head of London Office, Pinsent Masons